Starship Titanic Booking Office


The Maiden Voyage of the
Starship Titanic


You've proved you're the sort of cautious, careful person who always wants to look before you leap. You're no sucker. You want facts. Cold, hard facts. Cost-benefit analyses. Due diligence. Not for you the sort of devil-may-care spontaneity that earns the respect of men and the admiration of women. You don't care for that sort of thing. And we understand. So we're offering you the chance to examine the Starship Titanic's maiden voyage itinerary - not to mention a preview of this amazingly unique ship itself - before you even consider thinking about wondering whether to commit yourself.


But perhaps we were wrong. Perhaps you are the sort of thrusting, dynamic, successful person who says to yourself, "No, listen here, Starlight Travel: I've seen enough! I don't need persuading!

"I don't need  my decisiveness and commitment to be rewarded with special-privilege email updates and personal messages from the Starship Titanic's designers and builders! I don't need access to restricted areas of the website!

"I'm dynamic! I'm successful! That's the sort of person I am! So you just sign me up for the maiden voyage right now!"


It's far too exciting for me. Back to Starlight Travel, as fast as you can...