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Now You Can Be Part Of This Historic Moment

...The moment when the mighty Starship Titanic, the pride of Starlight Lines, first ascends majestically into the atmosphere and, powered by its mighty triple-helix Higgs propulsion system, moves gracefully and inexorably into the Cosmos beyond.

This mighty vessel's epoch-making departure, before the eyes of the Galaxy's media, will usher in a new age of ultra-luxurious cruising hitherto undreamed of in the annals of leisure. So powerful is this tremendous vessel, so precise its navigational systems, so flawlessly fault-intolerant its cutting-edge Anaxiomat technology, that it offers a galactic travel experienced hitherto undreamed of in our entire experience of galactic travel. Taking in the sun-baked beaches of Brocchhi-del-Anastomosa, the rugged peaks of Sulgactyl, voyaging from the primitive unspoiled beauties of Earth to the once-proud glories of Wappenshutz, the Starship Titanic's maiden voyage will truly be the voyage of a lifetime.

All the ports-of-call on this historic cruise have been specially chosen to offer Exoticism Without Fear® to our distinguished and successful travellers, who are too busy to want to deal with cultural dislocation. You will be supplied with an appropriate MicroEnvironment suitable to your somatotype, and all meals will be taken shipside to avoid possible digestive-system consequences. Indeed, as far as food, accomodation and sophisticated dry-cleaning facilities are concerned, you won't know you ever left home.

All part of the service that has made Starlight Lines a byword for quality leisure-time wherever civilised folk gather to meet and greet®.


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