Starship Titanic Booking Office


Standard Disclaimer #171.3122.17.05 (v1.0.1.2 Beta)


There have been suggestions made in certain divisive and essentially despicable quarters that Starlight Lines and Starlight Travel are in some way commercially connected, the implication being that any such connection, if such a connection were deemed to exist, would be in breach of prevailing anti-trust legislation and might in the opinion of the court of relevant jurisdiction be construed as being tantamount to a conspiracy to defraud members of the traveling public by offering for sale packages which did not necessarily provide better value than similar packages, if any, offered by competing shipping lines which were being unfairly restrained in their pursuit of freedom of trade. We would like customers to be confident that this is not the case. We would also like in the interests of openness and free trade to inform customers that, if they are not confident that this is not the case, then according to the Articles of Association of Starlight Travel (and also, rather remarkably, of Starlight Lines) the Court of Jurisdiction is deemed to be the Majlis of z-Qu'a'Barrq* to which all representation should be made.





* The ancient Majlis of z-Qu'a'Barrq is the oldest Judicial Court in the known Universe. Founded on Fna'a before records began, it existed originally to determine upon matters maritime, and, although it has widened its remit and now pronounces upon intergalactic questions, it is still entirely composed of individuals who have made substantial fortunes in the travel and transport industries. Indeed, so influential is it that it has come to serve a secondary purpose, as a secret -- but strictly convivial -- society for travel operators and transport magnates from all over the galaxy. Questions have therefore been raised about its hidden agenda -- "A protection racket for dodgy tour operators," as one malcontent described it -- but none of the many accusations has ever stuck, and, indeed, so persuaded have many litigants been by the essential bona fides of The Majlis that they have themselves found highly-paid engagements, either as Court Adjuvants or in the travel industry itself.