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Technical Basis of the
Fault-intolerant system


Working from a combination of the long-established principles of SEP Field Theory and Axiom Condensation, Klein und Möbius-Gödel of Zimmerhaven, working closely with Starlight Lines' master architect Leovinus, have derived a new axiomatic structure to define a complex system in which, at any given system-state, there would invariably be a random fault.

This has now been encoded as a non-linear SuperGödel series and incorporated into the Logic Condensation Unit of the Titanic's main control loop.

Put simply, the Aldebaran Class LCU uses a heavy-duty 3,000VpmS fractal proposition generator to maintain continuous excluded-middle support, ensuring that, at all times, allaxiomatic elements of allavailable system states return True=1. As an integral part of the process, all states notincluded in the operating Probability Axiom are excluded.

The precise details of this revolutionary system are of course commercially confidential. Suffice it to say that:

  • The control system specifies one fault per system state.
  • The control system is a coherent SuperGödel axiomatic series.
  • A SuperGödel axiomatic series cannot be proven without recourse to extra-axiomatic propositions.
  • The Aldebaran Class Logic Condensation Unit excludes all extra-axiomatic propositions.
  • The LCU also maintains full excluded-middle support.
  • Therefore there is no command state in which the SuperGödel series can be fully verified.
  • Therefore there is no command state in which the series can be true.
  • Therefore there is no command state in which the central axiomatic proposition -- that all command states contain a random fault -- can be true.
  • Therefore nothing whatever can possibly go wrong.