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So You Want to Get Away...

Here is a small selection of our uniquely personal destinations:


Fna'a Fn'nqFna'a Fn'nq

Fna'a Fn'nq - Famed for its traditional healers, the celebrated sukhs of Azeppo, and the ancient ivory towers of the College of Calligraphy in the narrow, winding Ha'aqa bin-j'Jabbli, scene of ancient battles, where the timeless crafts of Reborzo and x'zum-fa'ang still hold sway beneath the call of the maq'qaafn.



Xilaqon - Galactic Playground for the Hedonist and Pleasure-Seeker, the Individual who understands that Life is Short and The Only Rule Is: There Are No Rules.



EarthTrek - Take a Break from Modern Life to Experience the Primitive Customs of Lunn Dunn and Khalif o'Niyah in an Unforgettable Odyssey into the Heart of the Galaxy's most Ancient Peoples.


Dzhay BegvyuDzhay Begvyu

Dzhay Begvyu - The "Jim Morrison Planet" - a World of Strange Colour and Swirling Motion, and Ancient Home of the Exotic Qhiffa Festival. Unforgettable, but Only in a Manner of Speaking.


Starship TitanicStarship Titanic

Literally the Last Word in Inter-Galactic Luxury, her Maiden Voyage will be the Vacation of All Time for the Very Special Few. Starlight Travel offers you exclusive previews of her ultra-luxurious facilities and exotic itinerary. We know you will fall in love with the Ultimate Starship.