Well, Hello, Intergalactic Voyager!

The moment you step, slither, float, suck, flounder, waddle or drift aboard the Starship Titanic, you can see how pleased we are to see you.

Leovinus, the egregious architect of Starlight Lines, proud begetters of the Starship Titanic, surveyed the Cosmos in order to bring the finest, most exclusive materials together with his own uniquely majestic, finely-honed sensibilities, in this, his greatest masterpiece.

You will be overwhelmed with a sense of awe, of majesty, of sheer absolute belonging. Or, rather, others would be overwhelmed. Others for whom the Starship Titanic was not designed. For you, luxury, much dreamed-of but hitherto unrealised -- not since the sacking of Alaquovingium in the Great Rubic Wars -- will be merely acknowledged as your rightful environment.

You deserve the best. And here it is.


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