We hope you have found it as enjoyable and enlightening as we found it to have your company, or some such mealy-mouthed missing-you-already PR-speak drivel. Can't be bothered to write it at the moment and anyway you-know-who has been trying to corner me all day, I said to her "Look, we're adults, who I sleep with is my business, lovey," but you know what they're like, anyway, I'll try and finish it tomorrow although, God knows, it makes me want to vomit. However, the main thing is, DO NOT PUT THIS PAGE ON THE HYPERNET UNTIL I HAVE AMENDED IT or we will all be up to our ears in you-know-what-and-I-don't-mean-ricotta. -- Zbg Pht Gk (VP/Passenger Relations)



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Access to these luscious preview details of the Starship Titanic has been graciously provided by its builders, Star-Struct Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starlight Lines Corp.)