Our Friendly Staff

What is a Starship - even one so noble as the Titanic - without its staff? You, as a busy successful person, know that staff are vital. They are there to protect you from annoyance, keep the rough, often smelly, outside world at bay, attend to your every whim and generally ease your passage through life so that you can lean back, relax and take the credit you so richly deserve.

The Starship Titanic staff were designed with you in mind. Using Genuine People Personalities - real human identities, transplanted seamlessly into perfectly-trained, ego-free robot housings - we offer you service perfectly attuned to your moods and requirements. You'll love it so much you'll want to buy the CrewBots for yourself.


The DoorBot

The BarBot

The BellBot

The DeskBot

The LiftBot

The RowBot



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