You Know a Lot About Art. But You Don't Know What You Like.

We understand. Someone in your position? It's obvious. Gathering information then acting upon it. That's what you do best. Forming subjective aesthetic judgments? Forget it. You have people to do that sort of thing.

And now you have us. Or, rather, the Art Committee of the Starship Titanic. Headed by polymath and registered genius Leovinus, the ACST has scoured the galaxy for the finest in contemporary sculpture, and brought it -- by bribery, coercion, military force and even, occasionally, payment -- on board this great HyperLiner for the mental refreshment and spiritual balm of our First Class travelers. You need have no doubt about your reactions to this Art. You will like it. Unreservedly. Because Leovinus likes it. And his taste, you can trust.


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