The Rooms of the Starship Titanic

The rooms. Oh, the rooms! So roomy, so room-like, so... so... roomish. Over-the-top? Maybe. Maybe not. We leave it to you to judge. After all, judging is what you're best at. You wouldn't be where you are today if you couldn't judge things: a business opportunity, the political stability of a region, the sexual potential of a professional inferior, the porcine, slobbering, greed-ridden imbecility of a wet-lipped financier in an eight-piece, triple-breasted, Crooks Brothers suit. Would you?

So why should rooms be any different? A success like you can judge anything. So go ahead. Judge the rooms. Judge them. We look forward to your verdict...


The Embarkation Lobby

The First Class Dining Room

The First Class Staterooms

The Second Class Staterooms

The Super Galactic Traveler Class Cabins



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