Raw, Harsh, Throbbing... But Somehow Silky-Smooth, As Well

That's the miracle of the Starship Titanic propulsion systems. Anyone can do raw, harsh and throbbing. Silky-smooth is child's play. But to combine the two... that requires genius.

Fortunately for our passengers, Starlight Lines has a genius. Leovinus. The designer. Of the Starship Titanic. A man who thinks. Feels. Touches. Talks in short sentences. Like this one. And knows about propulsion.

Working with Klein und Möbius-Gödel of Zimmerhaven, renowned pioneers of the revolutionary axiomaticcondensationpropulsionmechanismus, and utilising low-level triple-helix Higgs Mk XLII boson engine, Leovinus has achieved a propulsion system for the Titanic which combines deep, raw, steroidal, pounding power with an emollient, softly-beseeching, entwining grace, while at the same time offering notable fuel savings and a significant reduction in free quark-pair emission (and consequent lower levels of local annihilation events) which can only be good for the Deep Space Environment, Our Galactic Heritage®.

And remember! As Goofy says, "Don't be meanies, Keep deep space cleanies!"


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