Engineer's Dream, Repairman's Nightmare

Yes... if all Starships were built like the Titanic, the repair and maintenance industries would collapse into dust, maintenance men crying in the streets for bread, repair technicians hocking their tools to buy powerful drugs in a doomed attempt to assuage the terrible hopelessness of existence, their families sold into slavery, broken, doomed, dragging their shattered lives in an ignominious struggle towards the silent tomb.

It breaks our hearts. We're no cold, profit-hungry capitalist swine with the collective imagination of a horsehair wig. But that's how it would be... if every ship were built this way. Impeccable. Fault-intolerant. Engineered to the very highest standards theoretically possible.

The Starship Titanic. One day all ships will be built this way.


The Hull

The Propulsion

The Bilges

The Navigation




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