All's Well That Ends Well

...or starts well, for that matter. As will your trip in the Starship Titanic, with a visit to the Great Central Well - Where The Galactic Elite Meet To Meet And Greet®.

This dizzying prospect, plunging vertiginously down the entire dizzying vertiginous height of the Starship Titanic's unimagineably vast, unbelievably big hull. 12,000 Hereditary Sprank-Beaters of Blerontis worked 29 hours a day for over 18 quonths to craft the hand-beaten sheet-sprank walls of the Well, while systems engineers worked around them to install the elevator shafts, the UltraChute® network, the relays of ParaBots and the DayLike, Inc. DiurnoSim® light-and-storm system.

The result? An elegant meeting-place where the Cream of the Galaxy's bon-viveurs -- major interplanetary banking consultants, successful public relations advisers, elegant sideless models and other members of the Warp-Set -- gather to Meet And Greet around the handcrafted Fnorkwood railings of the Well Gallery.

And for the ultimate romantic gesture, why not enjoy the Starship Titanic's "Folie à Deux" evening? Dinner for two in the First Class Restaurant, followed by digestifs in the Cocktail Bar, and ending with a spectacular suicide pact death-leap from the Gallery rails. She'll love you for it - especially when, after falling half a mile, pre-alerted ParaBots catch you gently in their Grab-U-Like® "arms" and float you up to the Gallery once more, light as thistledown, to the applause of the waiting crowd. But just one tip: don't let on. Let her think you're really both going to die... and watch her face light up when you don't!!!!

As we traditionally* say on the Starship Titanic, "All's Well that Ends In The Well"!

*STAFF NOTE: This tradition will take effect as from 11/3/27/174461 - A.G.Brobostigon (Mr) (Project Manager)

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