The Only Feature of the Starship Titanic that Really, Really Sucks... the Suc-U-Bus. Harking back to the elegant devices of bygone days, the Suc-U-Bus exploits the raw power of triple-banked high-bypass Lovelace Mk X vacuum generators, literally offering you the awesome suction power of deep space itself in handily-placed units throughout the ship.

Just place any object, however large or small, in front of the Suc-U-Bus and its hypersensitive auto-response system does the rest, engulfing the item in question and hurtling it at the speed of sound, but in absolute safety, to anywhere in the ship you specify.

Worried about the more naïve of your subordinates? You needn't be. Suc-U-Bus features GardRite UltraSafe from JWB (Safe-T-Tech) Inc., to neatly circumvent any personal risk.


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