Mi Pantaloni ser' si 'striccolozzi..."

Yes, successful, cultured, cosmopolitan travelers like you will instantly recognise the famous 'spariariozo from Lambruschetti's I due faffati... and what could be more appropriate?

After all, you can't have a Grand Axial Canal without some means of transportation, and what better than a GPP Tru-To-Life® RowBot, modelled on the traditional Vandalieri of oi' Vehnisch, the fabled City of A Thousand Little Canals Which Get Pretty Ripe In August?



Not only does the RowBot row his Vandala, he also sings all your operatic favourites. Ho parotto e' morte from Fromaggio's Monte Serpente; the celebrated borm-rupturing duet (using specially-developed DuoRynx® technology) from Gabrieli Pizzicola's La Ciurva Caldenta; even the virtuoso Mi gnocchi splottante from Fatti Bassi's I Promiscuozi, with its notorious top K#, able to shatter prostheses several rooms away.

The RowBot: yet another example of UtiliStyle® - the watchword of the Titanic.


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