Personal. Electronic. And Ultimately Thing.

N.B. Do NOT publish this page until we have come up with a better name for the Personal Electronic Thing than "Personal Electronic Thing." I mean, "Personal Electronic Thing" just doesn't cut it for me. It's as bad as "Hull". This is an order. A.Brobostigon (Mr), Project Manager, Starship Titanic.

Finding your way about a vessel the size of the Titanic can be a nightmare at the best of times. And it's a nightmare that Leovinus, the designer, and Starlight Lines have been committed to annihilating for once and for all.

The solution is startling in its elegance and simplicity. The PET, or Personal Electronic Thing.



A simple, elegant handheld unit utilising SoftMap/Multi-D® technology for intelligent awareness. Put simply, the elegant PET knows what you are trying to do and helps you to do it. Dining in the First Class Restaurant and need to go to the Bilges? Help is just a click away with your PET. Packages to send, people to see, places to go? The PET is there to assist. It can even help you organise your room... and, best of all, it's a security device to keep... shall we say, employees out of the more exclusive areas of the ship, properly reserved for busy successful people like yourself.

The PET. Another winning idea from Starlight Lines and Leovinus. As we like to say round these here parts: "The little things make up the bi-i-i-g picture! (Woodrow! Where in hayl is that lard?)"


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