"Ten hyperrads to starboard, helmsman, or we'll hit her for sure!"

Words you will never hear aboard the Starship Titanic. For a number of reasons. For example:

  • The Bridge and Navigation Suite is a sterile zone in which passengers are never allowed for their own comfort and safety.

  • The Titanic travels at such hitherto-unimagined speeds that computed course-conflicts are well past before they have had a time to become dangerous.

  • Thanks to the Anaxiomat® Fault-Intolerant systems, any collision vector which did become dangerous would immediately acquire imminent-fault status and thus be swiftly rendered inconceivable.

  • The TrueDee® navigational system is based on 27-node hyperspatial triangulation with 266-channel redundancy for sub-nanorad angular resolution and P-D-Kwik® 4-axis control authority.

  • EIQ® systems enhancements offer Better-Than-Expert® central control analysis for non-algorithimic decision making via the Blaise-Sartre (S.A.) eidetico-gestaltic Neur-O-Net® pattern recognition module.

  • Anyway, it just can't happen. Not in Starlight Lines' flagship. Not in Leovinus's masterpiece. Not in the Starship Titanic.


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