"Pom, pom,
tiddle-iddle-om, Pom
pom-pom pom-pom pom-tiddle-om..."

Recognize it? Of course you do. How could a cultured, sophisticated person like yourself - an individual whose artistic and creative talents are as potent as your commercial know-how, financial acumen, technological insight and persuasive powers - not recognize such a great, a noble masterpiece? In fact, so sure are we that you will immediately identify and be able, in your own personal mind, to complete this great work, that we won't insult you by telling you what it is.*

In short, we know that you are a music-lover. Like Leovinus himself. And music-lovers need music. Of course we understand that you carry an endless repertoire in your own head - everything from the contrapuntal masterworks of Johann Sebastian Plotz to the R&B ballads of Lemur "the Femur" Pzrzlij - but, for those times when you need refreshment, solace or the excitement of something new, Leovinus has provided the music room to end all music rooms. It is the ne plus ultra of music rooms; the Gradus ad Parnassum of music rooms; the Ultima Thule, the Allegro molto con fuoco, the Prestissimo giocoso, the absolute utter farfalle alla puttanesca of music rooms. It is, en bref, a very good music room indeed.



The most very good thing about this music room is the collection of instruments. They are like no other instruments you have ever seen. Each is not only self-playing, but self-composing, programmed over thrillions of person-quonths to compose music so wholly, sweetly, perfectly in tune with its own very special qualities that you will weep, shudder, tremble and, in the case of individuals equipped with valve-and-chamber circulatory systems, suffer transient ventricular fibrillation.

"But," you say (being not only highly musical but gifted with profound administrative foresight) "If all these instruments are playing their own tunes, surely what follows is cacophony?"

Not at all. A central feedback and arbitration system ensures that only perfect harmony will prevail, in the music room as in the rest of the Titanic. There is no more possibility of discord than there is of the Titanic suffering a sudden spontaneous massive existence failure, hahahaha! So wave goodbye to unwanted SBS** attacks, and relax with the music of the spheres -- another Titanic service, especially for you.


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*But we know how busy you are; and how much information your brain is being asked to retain; so - purely to avoid frustration - we would respectfully remind you that it goes on like this:
"...Po pom-pom pom-pom pom-tiddle-om, Pom poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, poddle-oddle-oddle-oddle, pom-poddle om-pom pom."

** Savage Breast Syndrome. Leading physicians agree that music hath charms to soothe the more florid symptomatology of this uncomfortable disability, which is known to affect movers, shakers and, in particular, winners with particular and unpredictable severity.