The Grand Axial Canal

As a First Class traveler, you deserve the peace and tranquility you so richly deserve. So... picture to yourself the glories of Ancient Thrame. The bosky slopes. The gentle buzz of weebs flitting from flower to flower. The scent of stoage and wild corcoran. In these hills, great Testacles once tended his bulls, fair Wabulaea sang and played, and grave, stony-browed Phlogistotle expounded his theories of the perfect state.



If the picture appeals to you, you will love the Grand Axial Canal. It's nothing like Ancient Thrame - more like something out of a Renaissance city built on innumerable islands in a temperate lagoon, with canals instead of streets, ruled by a Doge or something like that. Unimagineable, we know. If there ever had been such a place, we at Starlight Travel would certainly have heard of it. But there never was. So... it was up to the genius of Leovinus to bring it into being.

A seemingly endless expanse of navigable indoor fluid, complete with singing RowBots, stretching from the Great Central Well the entire fathomless length of the ship. And all for you. The customer. The person we care about the most.


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