"At your service! How may I help you?"



That's the invariable response you will receive from our ultra-efficient ReaLife® Superior Class DeskBot, GPP Marsinta Drewbish.

When you board a luxury Galactic HyperCruiser like the Starship Titanic -- not that there is another luxury Galactic HyperCruiser like the Starship Titanic -- you will have needs. Registration needs. Accommodation needs. Advisory needs. Needs which we have pre-empted. Our DeskBot is on duty 29 hours a day to attend to all your onboard travel requirements.

But you don't just want efficiency. Oh no. Not you. You're used to efficiency. You can buy efficiency. What you want too is something you can't buy.


Which is why we didn't just specify any old DeskBot. We specified the best: the celebrated Auto Indefatigable 3.7 Ultra. But even then we weren't satisfied. Leovinus's Personality Design Studio scoured - yes scoured - the galaxy until they located the perfect personality. Eventually they found her in Coloston, Yaddachubbitts: HKE911 2234 Marsinta Drewbish, living alone in a pretty little Front Bay house, feuding with her relatives, contesting her grandfather's will, tatting, pursing her lips and complaining about the young people today.

After months of protracted negotiation, Miss Drewbish finally agreed to become a full-personality donor on a strictly "one-off" basis, thus ensuring that only the Titanic will ever have the use of her ID Transplant.

Classy. Unique. Efficient. Exclusive. BellBot Marsinta Drewbish: Perfect for the Titanic, perfect for you.


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