Blerontis: The Home of Galactic Shipbuilding

No tour of the Starship Titanic would be complete without a visit to Blerontis, alma mater of this noble vessel and the galactic centre of starship construction.

Here, ancient and modern live happily side-by-side in timeless harmony. High-tech knowledge workers push constantly at the Frontiers of the Possible®, while gnarled old craftsmen continue their meticulous gnarled hand-work using the same gnarled tools that their forefathers used before them.

But while Blerontis may have one eye firmly on its glorious past, it is in no sense backward-looking. The luxurious shopping facilities of Large Mall, with its 29 high-class retail units, have become famous all over the galaxy, while in lobby of the Hotel Gat (famous for its bedrooms) the Blerontis elite meet to meet and greet®.

Here, the Starship Titanic first began life. Now it towers over the city, casting a shadow of achievement and wealth over the Hotel Gat, St Window's Cathedral and the elegant flâneurs lounging over a slice of bread in the Food Café alike.

Soon, it will rise, like a giant intergalactic hyperspace Starship, to take its place in the dark and timeless environment for which is was conceived. And perhaps you will be among those lucky enough to be aboard.

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