Fetch this. Carry that. Come here. Go There. It's a dog's life.

But fortunately you don't have to live it. In your busy, cutting-edge professional life, you have people to do that sort of thing for you. Gofers. Nebbishes. Underlings so far down the food chain they're probably green. All eager to fetch, carry, and generally do your bidding.

It's the same aboard the Starship Titanic. The same... but better. Our highly-specified BellBot staff exist only to help you... with no thought of reward. They aren't hoping to be made Assistant General Manager, Internal Communications (Mailroom Support Services (Administration Support Division) Division) Division. They aren't trying to crawl to you because they are sleeping with your third cousin's ex-husband. They want to serve you because that's what they are for. Their whole existence is devoted to ensuring that you never have to carry anything, anywhere, for a millisecond longer than you absolutely have to.



As BellBot (Third Class) Krage Koyotoaal IV says, "Give it to me! Give it to me now! Where do you want it?"

Service. The watchword of the Titanic. Along with safety, of course. Safety and Service. And Comfort. Safety, Service and Comfort. Those are the watchwords of the Titanic. Not forgetting Luxury. Comfort, Safety, Luxury and Service. It's what you're used to. It's what you deserve.


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