A Breath of the Countryside in Deepest Hyperspace

You live your life in the city. Among city people. Rushing around. Focussed. Concentrating. Always chasing that next deal. Alert for the slightest opportunity.

When you relax, you want to get away from it all. You want luxury. Cossetting. Ultra-smooth hyperspace travel. Sophisticated dining. Unobtrusive service. The fellowship of like-minded, successful, dynamic individuals.

But you want other things, too. Peace. Tranquillity. The gentle murmur of the fluttering fnarbs. The rustle of the wind in the boughs. The simple purity of the zeebsong.

You can't have it all. Until now. Thanks to the vision of Leovinus, the Starship Titanic contains an intergral "rus-in-urbe®"-style rural environment in the shape of the great Arboretum, situated just off the Grand Axial Canal. And, because this is the Titanic, your every need is catered for. Tired of the soft heat of a summer afternoon? A word in the ear of the ever-vigilant staff, and, hey Presto!, it's a misty autumnal morning. Astonished? No. By now, you've learned never to be astonished by anything on the Titanic. Haven't you?  


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