You Are Not Alone

How could you be? A busy person like you has infinite demands on your time. You need people to help you cope. Personal assistants. Advisers. Yes-men. All those subordinates of which you think, "Jeez, what's the matter with these people that they can't think for themselves?

You need them. Not half as much as they need you, but... you need them. You want them near you at all times. But not too near. Not always.



For your people, our people have created Super Galactic Traveler accomodation. Quite enough, without being in the least bit too much. Every comfort, every convenience, but no incitement for your people to get above themselves. No big ideas. No room to... entertain, if you get our meaning. You want your people at their peak and dedicated best. Which is what SuperGalactic Traveler Class delivers, using the lastest Distar® space-maximising technology. Like an elegant 3-D jigsaw puzzle, these masterpieces of concise design fold up completely... so that your people don't have to. And at a cost you, of all people, can truly afford.  


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