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Yes, for the budget-conscious businessperson, anxious to combine galactic-class luxury with prudent stewardship, the Starship Titanic's Classe leClub® stateroom accomodation offers the perfect blend of hedonism and ascetic restraint. But when we say "ascetic", don't, please, think of monkish cells. We know about monks. Tacky, neglectful, bitter sorts, on the whole. People hiding from the world. People with issues. People who know squit about soft furnishings and interior design. Think, instead, of a well-to-do academic; a submolecular thiologist, for example, at one of the older universities like Snale or Throteford, with tenure, family money and a rich young spouse. Tweeds. Blezard-skin shoes. A fruitily plausible manner. And a deranged theory of cosmogenesis. For that person, Classe leClub® might have been designed. And was. By Leovinus. The Master.  


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