Luxury So Luxurious, It's Almost Decadent

...But not quite. In these, the Starship Titanic's most exalted, exclusive accomodations -- far, far above the aspirations of most individuals -- designer Leovinus's unequalled eye for the ne plus ultra of gracious living has reached its very pinnacle.



In the First Class Staterooms, the successful leisure-traveller could comfortably entertain the cream of the galactic elite. The Emperor Hh'huuuwhi!fft. The Frigorifico of Kustz, Its Honor Jellabanyon Arithroglass. Lemuel Bmmmm. Swango and the Podostichords. Euvolvula Bundridge and her latest husboid, Ebley "Sled" Codulike Jnr. All these and more would be honoured for a glimpse inside your - your - first class stateroom. Salivating? Borms tingling with anticipation? A shiver running up and down your stimp as you imagine greeting your party-guests with a demonstration of the fully-functional luxury carpet? It's no more than we would expect of one as discerning as yourself.


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