Gourmet Comestibles for the Gourmet Palate

Let's face it: you're jaded. Hell, we're jaded, and we don't have half the pressure you do. But all the same, we understand. We know what it's like to sit down to dinner and think "Oh no; not Charred Bratchet again. Not flame-thrown Faguettes di Pulmar in a light sauce of Organberry and Quange, served with Bleuccholi and Splod Vapeur, followed by dreary dreary dreary old Worple Tart and farmhouse Umma's-milk cheese." We know how stale, flat, weary and unprofitable seem all the fine old wines of the galaxy when you've been there and drunk that countless times before. We know.

Which is why we have scoured the galaxy for rare and tempting foodstuffs to remind your palate of the days when even the simplest dishes were fresh and new. Our ingredients are of the finest. Our chefs have been poached from the greatest restaurants of all time. And our menus, drawn from a comprehensive, almost indiscriminate, array of culinary traditions, will restore your faith in the Art of Cuisine. Stunned Puffin, loosely fried and served in a helmet. Vibrating skate wings au jus on a bed of fresh swarf. A Salmagundi of Bees. Shredded otter in a hand-thickened soda-water sauce. Smoked cigars in aspic.

Truly cosmopolitan cuisine, served in elegant surroundings by attentive, expert staff. Staff who remember your name. Staff who look upon themselves as not just a WaitBot, but as your very real friend.

A restaurant, in short, for those who have just too much on their plate.


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