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Patches for Macs

(Patches for PCs are described further down the page).

(1) There is a problem with the Preview Release of Quicktime 4. This does not need a patch but does require you to install a different version of Quicktime 4. Please see here for more information.

(2) A patch for the Mac was released on 29th April 1999, to address problems with medium installations.

Patch for medium install option. (Mac, 814 Kb)

Symptom: The installer states that 550Meg of disc space is required to complete the install operation. It has been reported and has subsequently been confirmed that a medium installation will fail if less than 750Meg of disc space is available before the install is attempted.

Description: The installer will proceed to install Starship Titanic without warning the user of the lack of disc space. At a later stage in the installation process a dialog will appear indicating that the destination volume has become full. At this point the installer will recover the installation by removing all files it has installed and report that further disc space is required.

Patches for PCs

There are currently not two, but three patches for PC Starship Titanic.  One is for users with Cyrix 6x86 chips that are identified as non-Intel Pentium chips by the installer, and the other patch is to correct problems with some video cards.

A third, released on 18th November 1998, is for graphics cards with less than 1 MB of memory..

All patches are self-extracting ZIP files, which you should download, and then run to extract the patch files.  The patches all have 'readme' documents, which you should read for instructions on how to install the patch.  The patches have not yet undergone full compatibility testing, but as a failure of the patch to work will result in the same situation as not having a patch (i.e. a non-working game), we have decided to release these now for people who want the patches now!  We will test the patches fully very soon, and correct errors and upload new versions if we find any problems.

NB If you are really unlucky (i.e. have a 6x86 CPU that is not recognised as an Intel Pentium, and have a video card that doesn't work with Starship Titanic), you may need to apply both patches.  We apologise for the inconvenience, but because the patches modify two different parts of the game software, it would be very difficult to integrate the two patches into one without providing a very large (many megabyte) download.  We have chosen this patch method as the quickest and easiest for you to use.

Here are the patches (click on the links to download them):

Patch for Cyrix 6x86 PCs (PC, 630 Kb)

Symptom: The Installer starts but immediately tells you that you do not have a Intel-Pentium-class chip in your PC, when you have a Cyrix 6x86 chip, and so refuses to install the game.

Description: This patches the Starship Titanic Installer so that if your PC is not recognised as an Intel-Pentium-class PC, then it still gives you the option of installing the game anyway.  Note that Starship Titanic is only intended for Intel-Pentium-class PCs or 100% compatibles. We cannot give support for running Starship Titanic on a Cyrix 5x86, as this is not a true Intel-Pentium-class CPU.

Patch for Video Card Problems

The latest version of Starship Titanic is 1.00.42c. This fixes a problem that some video cards had with version 1.00.42a, and may fix problems with video cards that affect the original version, 1.00.42. The purpose of the "c" patch is to fix problems when running the game using video cards with less than 1 MB of memory. Installing it on an un-patched installation of Starship Titanic will also install the previous patches to fix other video card problems (see below for details). Three patches are now available:

Patch for Original ST (PC, 288k) This patches the original version (1.00.42) to the latest version (1.00.42c). Download this if you have not previously applied any video card patches to Starship Titanic.

Patch for ST 1.00.42a (PC, 271k) This patches the patch version 1.00.42a to the latest version (1.00.42c). Download this if you have already downloaded and applied the 1.00.42a patch.

Patch for ST 1.00.42b (PC, 271k) This patches the patch version 1.00.42b to the latest version (1.00.42c). Download this if you have already downloaded and applied the 1.00.42b patch.

(The Starship Titanic version number can be seen at the bottom of the splash screen that appears when you run Starship Titanic.)

Symptom: Starship Titanic installs without problems, but when running the program it quits back to the desktop almost immediately, sometimes displaying a warning dialog about DirectX drivers.

Description: Some video cards, usually (but not only) those based on the 3dfx Voodoo Rush chipset will not run Starship Titanic due to a bug in the video initialisation routines.  This patch corrects this problem with a small change.   If you are experiencing the symptom described above, download and apply this patch to upgrade your version of Starship Titanic to version 1.00.42c.

Some users have reported problems with specific video cards. We have done our best to obtain these cards and test them with Starship Titanic - for a table of these results, and details of which video drivers we used, see this page.

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